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Especially that we muslims will start fasting tomorrow! GNC Lean Shakes are easy to buy online, with all the usual suspects offering them up for sale. I will start tomorrow with the fasten challenge for a month and will do it 1 day on, 1 day of. The very first article I found, on Fasted Training , absolutely blew my mind. By consuming this protein in supplemental or natural form, those seeking weight reduction become six times more likely to lose fat and replace that fat with lean muscle mass through a consistent workout plan. Other side effects include headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Int J Vitam Nutr Res ;

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We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment. Reports on the taste of this meal replacement shake are mixed. Some purchasers really love the flavors and some say they are terrible. The flavor with the highest number of complaints seems to be vanilla. Some users have also expressed a dislike for the consistency of the shake. Some users said that the shake seemed thin and watered down. Shakes can also be blended with ice to create a thicker texture, and more protein powder may be used as well.

The flavors available for GNC Lean Shake can also be added to milkshakes, smoothies, or any other beverage that can make the taste more palatable to an individual. Some consumers have also expressed that the lightly colored flavors have a naturally thin consistency when compared to the darker colored flavors like swiss chocolate and mocha.

GNC Lean Shakes include a variety of ingredients that are intended to support digestive health, suppress appetite, and regulate energy output. Several of the ingredients included in the GNC Lean Shake have been scientifically proven to promote digestive health and regularity. Clearly, this shake is not lactose free, and we cannot find any indication that is is gluten free either.

One bottle or 14 fluid ounces of a GNC Lean Shake represents approximately one serving of the beverage. In one serving, consumers can expect to find the following:. Consumers who are seeking to lose weight with this product will generally be placed on a lower calorie diet than the standard calorie diet and should remember to adjust these values to their specified daily caloric intake.

Some of the benefits of these specific vitamins and minerals include:. Whey protein powder isolate is one of the key active ingredients in the GNC Lean Shakes, and its purpose is appetite suppression. Hydrolysates are proteins that have been broken down for better absorption by the muscles. By consuming this protein in supplemental or natural form, those seeking weight reduction become six times more likely to lose fat and replace that fat with lean muscle mass through a consistent workout plan.

One serving of the GNC Lean Shake meal replacement yields nearly a fourth of the daily requirement for protein. For those attempting to limit daily caloric intake to under calories as is the case with many diets a single serving of the meal replacement yields over half of the total daily requirement for protein. By substituting the meal replacement shake for at least two meals each day, consumers may successfully ease cravings while consuming the entire daily requirement of protein before dinner.

By using this product as a meal replacement for the first two meals of the day, consumers can guarantee that they are consuming only calories in addition to the number of calories eaten during dinner meals. This should create a sufficient calorie deficit to assist with weight loss. GNC Lean Shakes help consumers to experience consistent weight loss by helping to limit the number of calories consumed each day. Weight loss is accomplished by a simple equation that requires that the overweight individual consume fewer calories than their bodies burn in one day.

By replacing one or two meals per day with a GNC Lean Shake, consumers may just increase the odds that their daily caloric intake will be less than their daily caloric output, thus resulting in gradual weight loss. Meal replacement shakes are intended to be a lower calorie, high nutrition alternative to preparing a meal. However, it is important to get enough calories, protein and nutrients from your shake replacement, and not all powdered protein drinks fill those needs.

According to Prevention magazine, meal replacement shakes should contain: GNC Lean Shakes fall a little short in the calorie department, weighing in at around calories per serving. However, with a whopping 8 grams of fiber and 25 grams of protein GNC Lean Shakes can be a good meal replacement for those on a weight loss diet plan. If you take on the question of whether or not GNC Lean Shakes works for weight loss, you have to look at the research into meal replacements simply.

Meal replacement shakes , and other similar products can be an effective means of reducing calorie intake and if you stick with a healthy diet and exercise plan, promotion of weight loss. Although consumers who used the GNC Lean Shakes have reported weight loss, the product has also received complaints of decreased energy for individuals with very active daily lives.

Replacing two meals per day with the GNC Lean Shakes deprives very active people of the caloric intake that their bodies require continuing current activity levels or metabolism in general. Side effects that have been reported by individuals using the GNC Lean Shakes as meal replacements include:. What about breastfeeding moms? Nutritionists warn against using meal replacement shakes for kids, though. Young children have different nutritional needs than adults, and may be more sensitive to ingredients as well.

Meal replacement shakes should only be used occasionally for teens, and should be formulated for children. On the other side of the coin, some key benefits of consuming GNC Lean Shakes, or a similar meal replacement product, on a daily basis could include:. There are several shakes that compare to GNC Lean Shakes and can be used as an alternative to the meal replacement. The meal replacement industry is very lucrative, and the competition in this area has caused the developers to create better-tasting products with improved nutrition.

Alternative meal replacement shakes can also be created at home. By combining a liquid multivitamin with a scoop of whey protein isolate and a combination of tasty fruits, those seeking a meal replacement can make a comparable shake from the comfort of home. When creating a GNC Lean Shakes alternative from home, however, be sure to measure the quantities of the vitamins and fruits that are included to ensure that the calorie count for the shake remains low.

Some fruits, oils, and vegetables contain a high amount of good fat and calories that can easily eliminate any benefit gained by replacing the meal. There are alternatives to GNC Lean Shakes offering similar nutritional value and benefits to weight loss. And while 18 Shake has only 90 calories per serving, comapred to GNC Lean Shakes calories, the nutrition is different too. Isagenix recommends 1 to 3 shakes a day as a way to get high nutrition while cutting calories.

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Isr J Med Sci ; Yohimbine does not affect fat distribution in men. Int J Obes ; I am a repeat WW offender….: I have found a new commitment this time around…although far from perfect. Beth, thank you for this post and I hope you share more of your WW experiences as a leader with us on your blog. Thank you for posting this!! I am a member of the meetings, and I honestly had no idea what the new program was about—despite the fact that I go to meetings every week!

I am going to start looking at the routines I can form! This was great info, Beth! I am doing WW online and kind of wish now I was going to meetings instead. After reading your post, I think I will give these more attention!

The tips about food in the fridge and always taking a snack with you when you go out, are great! I am glad to see that, on my own, gradually, the contents of my fridge have changed and reflect mostly what you mentioned above. I even went out and bought snack size baggies for other things like sunflower seeds, etc. I portion out any snacks like that right away, so I can just grab a baggie and know exactly how many points I am getting!

Another tip, my husband has ALWAYS done for the sake of saving money and I now strive to do for my health is, always bring a bottle of water with you when you leave the house.

There have been so many times in the past where I get thirsty but am not anywhere I could easily walk into a store and buy some water; he just reaches into his backpack and has water any time he wants! Without having to dole out money, either. I am 50 and have been on protein shakes for meal replacements for a few years. It was successful until I became sensitive to the ingredients. I want to know if this is a great nutritional way to loose weight or just maintain as my matbalism slows as I age?

I exercise regularly but when it comes to food I really need help. I tend to either skip meals or crave carbs. So just to maintain and feel great is this for me? A friend and I are going to our first meeting this coming Thursday and I am very excited to start this program.

I am terribly overweight and my Dr. I know this is probably an unrealistic goal in my life and gastric by-pass may be the only option I have. I really need to know if this is possible. I have also had to have neck surgery and major back surgery. Let me tell you my story. But I had to at least TRY! I lost lbs! Once I started the program, I never looked back.

It took just 2 years to lose the weight. I never starved myself to increase my weight-loss because I knew from previous experience that just comes back and bites you big time. What made me stick with it? The freedom to move like I never could before, my boundless energy, loving what I saw in the mirror every day and best of all moving down from a size 28 to a size 6.

Surgery as an option for weight-loss is a serious one to make and for some people, it is the only way. I never considered it for many reasons; the risks that major surgery brings, the tiny meals would be a downer I love food! I encourage you to try WW and give it your all. Best of luck to you!! Hi Darlene — Thank you so much for sharing your incredibly inspiring story! Does the program work for the stubborn menopausal weight gain?

This has truly convinced me to join, thanks for sharing. I have contemplated trying the new program and now plan on attending the meeting this week. I have pounds to lose. Mad at myself for being so heavy and very frustrated. Tried weight watchers once before and had a terrible leader who started md out with wrong point total. Was planning on going to a meeting Monday for information on gastric bypass but not a fan of the surgery approach.

Thank you for sharing your story. Nice to hear big girls find success also not just the ones trying to lose 20 pounds. I feel your pain. A year ago, I was on points plus and lost 60 pounds. Was under for the first time in years. Then I gained back 45 pounds of it. Back to needing to lose pounds again. Thanks — your words have encouraged me to give the WW a try. Your story if very inspiring and I hope it works for me too! How do you make yourself eat the foods that are good for you?

The only vegetable I eat with dinners is corn. I eat by taste and at 55 how do you change that thinking? Where do I begin. I m 61 and have tried ww a few time. Have gone up and down the weight loss and gain tower. Nd I m at the gain again. Even being in a coma for a month did not give me weight loss. So 4 yrs ago I died and was brought back to life. Everything I eat makes my stomach hurt.

No one knows why. So after watching one of my faves. Jennifer Hudson last night on the acadamy awards. I said to myself. I know you have a chef. Skinny legs and a huge midsection.

How can I be helped doing the online version. I have joined WW severall times and the last 2 times I did lose a pound but never could get pass that, I would lose then gain it back. I am a bit reluctant to join again, I do not want to waste the money again.

Can you give me some pointers on making this work for me. I need to lose 20 pounds. Hi Marietta — Sorry you have been struggling so much with WW lately! I know the meetings make a huge difference for people, so one idea could be to try out different meetings until you find a group and a leader that you like. Also, planning is a huge piece for me, so taking some time on the weekends to plan for the week can set you up for success.

Men have it easier when it comes to weight loss!

So, what do you think?