Ex-QVC queen Lisa Robertson finds love at last with her TRAINER


Her final night was December 12 but she has yet to reveal her plans for the future, except to insist that she has not retired. I reviewed my address 3 times. I have been an active customer for 20 years. Eric did not respond to messages from Daily Mail Online. They closed my account.

546 QVC Consumer Reviews and Complaints

They take various payments from my bank account but have cancelled my accounts claiming loss of business? Whatever that means, maybe because I returned things as they say you can do if dissatisfied.

I have no idea what they are taking payments for as I can't log in to see. I have been a customer for years and this is how they treat me. It said perishable and keep right side up but of course they put it upside down and it was a mess. The representative was nice but next thing I know is I don't have an account anymore, so when they say you can return things, beware.

I am happy with the kindness the reps show towards the customer and I am very pleased with the deals they offer with the easy payments. Also, the products that QVC offers are outstanding.

A week after the warranty expired, screen went black. Looked it up on YouTube, lots of people had this same problem with this T. Has anyone experienced this from this T. If I could give less than one star, I would. Seeing as I was going to be out of town, I made arrangements to have someone at my house on Friday to accept my order for me ensuring it would not be left on the porch.

Nothing comes Friday and I receive no refund for faster shipping. I try calling QVC but get left on hold. Monday while I am still out of town the product is supposedly delivered. Left at my doorstep at When I finally return home late Monday evening, there is no computer, no delivery notice, nothing. Tuesday, June 12th, I call QVC and tell them that I never received the package and explained to the man I talked to that I was out of town and that I had informed everyone I spoke to prior to him of that, to which he replies "I am so sorry to hear of this confusion.

I can issue you a refund right now. It should post back to your debit card within business days". I thank him and we hang up. The following morning, someone from QVC's finance department leaves me a short voicemail with no call back number and she says "we are sorry to inform you, but we are not refunding you.

I call and speak with yet another person who says "I apologize, I will get this pushed through and process your refund. On Friday, I post a review to QVC's page about the poor customer service and I immediately get a phone call suggesting my account has been hacked due to the review that was left to which I explain, "no ma'am, I left the review. They also restricted us from being able to open our own investigation on this shipment. This brings me to today, 2 weeks from my original order, she calls me back to tell me that she spoke to UPS and is sending UPS out to check the place where he dropped off my order but that they will still not be issuing me a refund and I need to dispute it with my bank.

On June 10th I called and ordered this special deal. I called in the order because I moved to Denver, CO and wanted to make sure the address was correct. I reviewed my address 3 times. Apparently the Dyson was shipped to my Denver street address, but to St. Petersburg FL city and state!!! She said I would have to reorder the item and call back on the 15th to "cancel" the original order. She said they could not cancel it until after the delivery date.

Then they would cancel as a "item not received". I did not want 2 charges on my account. She said that was the only thing they could do. She said she would have her supervisor call me right back. I told him, no I won't get it because the address is wrong. He said, "Oh no problem, I'll order a new one and credit your account for the original order. Thirty minutes later I get a call back from the representative I spoke to last night. She says she can order me a new Dyson and cancel the original order.

I would get the new Dyson by the 22nd. I tell her about the call from the guy 30 minutes earlier. And she has no idea who I spoke to. So I say fine, I really want this deal, but I do not want to find 2 charges on my account. She promises me I won't. However they only have the iron left, fine it's a color, I'll deal with it. I just want my Dyson. THEN she tells me there are no more docking stations! That was part of the deal that I ordered.

The way this was handled from the beginning is so unacceptable and so unprofessional. And after all that, I don't get my Dyson. That would be correct. I also shop with Amazon, where I have zero returns and Overstock, where I also have zero returns. Hmmm what's wrong with this picture. QVC only recently allows you to return for the same item different size etc..

That being said the items QVC sells in my opinion is marginal and does not do what they claim it does. They remind you regularly if you watch their show, don't worry you have 30 days to love it or return it, they don't say anything about how many times you can do this.

Many items I received are not as represented, sizes are way off or quality is just not there. That is not my fault. Poor quality garments are things I return often.

A Lisa Rinna item wrinkled and terrible material, you bet it's going back. Unfortunately you can feel or see the quality of the items prior to purchasing. It's sad that I've had to take time and the expense out of my day to return poor quality items. I was a customer for over 20 years, quality has gone downhill. I cannot trust this company or the Sales representatives on air. They LOVE everything lol. I am so done! Even though I ordered early in the day nothing was ever said about the gold laptop being sold out.

I was then notified several times via voicemail that because of high demand for the color, there would be a delay in shipment. Obviously, QVC was well aware this color was sold out and continued to take orders the entire day anyway without notifying customers.

I received no less than 4 different ship dates. On one occasion I was told the computers were delayed in customs??? Bottom line is I finally received the laptop a month later.

I used it a couple of days and so far not very impressed. As soon as I boot it up, it becomes very warm to the touch and the fan is loud and running continuously. Also, the laptop is randomly shutting down and rebooting. This laptop is on the verge on being packed up and shipped back. I haven't ordered much from QVC the past couple of years, and the couple of things I did order there were issues with it.

I think I am pretty much done with QVC. I don't trust them any more to provide quality products. In the month of March I ordered the Dyson vacuum. The initial payment was taken out of my daughter's bank account that was on file. When I noticed it, I called QVC for the card information to be changed to my bank account and I was told by the representative that it was.

The representative never said that they were charging my account. That was two payments in one month for the same item. The next time this happened was June. I called to confirm the payments and the representative Tanya. Decided to pay all of the easy payments on my accounts. I also, brought Wen. The Dyson had four payments of I asked Tanya how much was the payment and she stated it was I just want my money back!

Please refund my money because QVC has had my money for almost a week now and they are being paid interest on it. I placed an order for air fryer accessories. It did not ship right away.

I called and emailed to cancel my order. They said once order is processed they can not cancel but don't worry they have no hassle return. Two days later item ships. They only refund half my money. My husband made an account with QVC using his card to make a purchase I have my own account with QVC but, it is linked to my bank account. A day or 2 after the order was placed he received a call from the financial department needing him to verify some information.

He called them back and verified that it was him making the purchase and asked for his address, he verified it was him and stated his address and they told him everything was okay and good to go. The money came out of his account.

We went on later that evening to see if there was a change in the status of the purchase and he could not log on. He tried to do a password recovery and it said his email was not recognized. He called customer service and they told him corporate had closed his account because, he had the same billing address as his mother and she had an outstanding balance. My husband and I then went to the bank and had his card address changed to our current residence and we tried again to create an account and reorder the product thinking everything was fixed and this would be okay.

The exact same thing happened, even with his address changed. This made both my husband and I both furious!

How can a company judge someone based on them living in the same household as someone else? Just because he used to live with his parents he could order from QVC because, his mother has an outstanding balanced. This seems very wrong! I submitted a complaint through QVC and checked the box that said I would like an email back and never received one within the week.

He called the customer service again the second time his account was closed and was told she had passed a note along to corporate and he would be receiving a call on Tuesday and never received a call.

I submitted another complaint with QVC hoping maybe to hear something back the second time. The complaints I submitted to QVC were from my account because, when you go to send the complaint they make you sign in and seeing how he doesn't have an account because it was closed he couldn't send the complaint.

The next morning after sending the second complaint I received this email: To prevent further business loss, all QVC customer accounts associated with this information were closed. I do apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause. It has been a pleasure assisting you.

Thank you for shopping with QVC! We have read several complaints about QVC and them closing accounts right after receiving a complaint about them. It seems to us that QVC is a judgemental company, judging people based on other's actions or where they live and in my case apparently by name because I never lived in the household they are referring to. They seem to not care about their customers or want to even try to resolve a problem their customers have.

I received my items and I had no complaints with that but when it came time to make 2 payment I realized I needed a few more extra days to make the payment.

So I called QVC and explained my situation to the rep for her to tell me that "Corporate makes up the payment days for easy payments and because corporate makes up the billing days we are unable to give you an extension on the payment". But if you go on the website and read about the easy payment plan it states that if the day you are scheduled to make a payment is not workable for you you can call and set up a different date I purchased an item with the easy payment 5 payments they have awesome I thought.

I wanted to pay it off early and made the last two payments ahead of time, 3 days later they collected an extra payment. I chatted with one rep and she said this was an error that I was going to get refunded. So I chased again with another rep, this time she said, "This is an error. The item shows paid off. This 6th payment will be deleted. Now he answer is that the previous rep misinformed me and that they refunded the 5th payment and that the extra payment that shows up in my back account they didn't collect it I will never buy anything from QVC.

I too was a long time customer of QVC, and spent thousands. In the last two years I have experienced a lot of "dissatisfaction".

I experienced rude and unhelpful customer service staff. I have received numerous "damaged" merchandise which I had to return myself making this an "inconvenience". I have received items that was more bait and switch, than what was advertised. I am disappointed in how low QVC has gone and how the "quality" of a lot of their items have deteriorated. This is my last month with QVC. I find the aggravations and disappointment, and lack of empathy with Customer service staff is not worth the stress.

I purchased an Apple Watch in December. Decided not to keep it and returned it December 27th. I waited several days before I called back again to follow up and was told they were investigating the return. They needed to know exactly when the Watch was returned. What difference does it make when it was returned. I waited a few more days before I called CS to follow up again. By then Eric and Amy, who bought their first home together in , were living in rented accommodation close to the QVC headquarters.

But Amy, 39, moved out and into a small flat nearby in Amy refused to comment about her ex's new romance, telling the Daily Mail Online: Eric did not respond to messages from Daily Mail Online. Lisa, who has her own clothing and accessories line, is understood to be in the midst of renovating her four-bedroom high-security home on the edge of West Chester with Eric's help. She is currently in the midst of another holiday — visiting her sisters Kim and Cheryl in South Carolina.

Last year friends told the Daily Mail Online that she was too busy to find love. But she does love to flirt. I told her I wasn't interested — I had one wife go crazy on me and that was enough to put me off relationships. She's a real class act. Her relationship with Eric appears to have happened at whirlwind speed. Until she quit QVC in December, her social media posts revolved around decorating her home for the holidays, her favorite recipes and work commitments.

Then at the start of this year she suddenly started posting work-out pictures with Eric and holiday snaps of the two of them together. Lisa did not return requests for comment. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Sunday, Sep 16th 5-Day Forecast.

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